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 SBT of the gameservers

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BeitragThema: SBT of the gameservers   Sa 12 Jan 2013, 17:57

Standard Business Terms of the Quick Reaction Force servers

You automatically agree with these terms by playing on the servers of the Quick Reaction Force.
You will have a lot of fun, if everybody observes the SBTs.

What can you expect?

- Current Mods
- The current Call of Duty Modernwarfare maps
- Capable Administrators
- Punkbuster protected Gaming servers

The SBT’s:

Section 1 Paragraph 1: Nickname

On our servers you generally can use all Nicknames. You shouldn’t change it too often, because we have function that will kick you after a certain number of name changes.
Your nickname is not allowed to contain any phrases which violate the personal or religious rights, additionally no comments or small sentences are allowed.

Section 1 Paragraph 2: “Flaming”

The QRF-community doesn’t want people, who “flame” on our servers.
So we have some kinds of penalization (kicks, warns, temporary bans), if you do it too often.

Section 1 Paragraph 3: Spamming/Advertisement

If you start spamming at our servers with any kinds of text, binds, or something else we (the QRF-Community) are allowed to kick, warn and “tempban” you.
If you advertise at our servers, you will immediately be banned.

Section 1 Paragraph 4: Manu – Adminmod

On our gaming server there is software installed called Manu- Adminmod. Every member of our clan has access and the rights to use it.
If you see somebody, who abuses his/her rights please search an operator or administrator and complain about it. We’ll take care of it!

Section 1 Paragraph 5: Votes

Votes are activated at our servers. You are allowed to vote for the next map and to kick a player.
If you want to change to the next map you have to start the vote BEFORE the 10th round otherwise a QRF-member is allowed to cancel it.
The “votekick” is only allowed if there is no Member of QRF available.

Section 2 Paragraph 1: Cheating

Cheating is absolutely forbidden! Players who are cheating will be banned immediately! (Permanent Ban, or IP Ban!)
Of course they’re not allowed to use our servers anymore!

Section 2 Paragraph 2: Scripting

The use of scripts (e.g. Fastshooting-script) is not allowed on our servers. First we’ll warn you afterwards you will get banned temporally (one day).

Section 2 Paragraph 3: GuID Faking

If you fake your GuID or don’t have one, we will ban you permanently!

Section 3 Paragraph 1: Away From Keyboard

If you’re “afk” and don’t want to lose a specific weapon please ask an Admin otherwise you will get kicked. Another opportunity for you is to join the “shoutcaster” if you are afk for only one or two rounds. Don’t use the “Shoutcaster” if you leave your keyboard for a longer time, otherwise you will get kicked as well, because there is only a limited space on the server available.

Section 3 Paragraph 2: Knife-Round

On our Promod-Server there is a Knife-Round at the beginning of every Map.
Please be fair and only fight 1 vs 1. Glitching is forbidden in the Knife-Round! If you’re using bugs our members are allowed to kick you immediately!

These rules above can be changed by a Law-Admin or somebody with similar rights.

The [Q]uick [R]eaction [F]orce – Clan hopes you can enjoy the time on our servers. Good Luck with the Game!

i.A. [QRF]RaGe.'# (Operator)
Translation: [QRF] SirPhil

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SBT of the gameservers
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